How To Find An Entry Level Job

One of the hardest things to do is to get an entry level job. Although finding a job in general is difficult, finding that first job in your field is often really difficult. Many employers will post that they require 1-3 years of experience even in their entry level jobs. This could be quite intimidating for someone with little to no experience trying to qualify for an entry level job in their field of choice. Additionally, the internet creates a very competitive marketplace for job applicants. It makes it very easy for anyone to apply to any job thus creating more competition per job posting.

Despite these factors, I am here to tell you today that you will find that entry level job you want so bad! Let’s discuss how to get there.

Online Job Boards
First, apply for all job postings within your field that require 1-3 years of experience. Although many employers will require 1-3 years of experience in their postings, many of them are willing to be flexible. Often times they will also take into account the degree you have, any internships you worked at and volunteer/working experience that clearly helped build important job skills. I suggest that you apply for at least 30 jobs a day online. I would strongly recommend hitting all of the major job sites consistently including IndeedMonsterCareerbuilderLinkedIn and Glassdoor. If you are in college or just graduating from college I would also suggest College RecruiterCampus Career CenterAfter College and I would also research any job postings sites that are specific to your field of interest. For example, PRSA is a great job site for candidates looking for public relations and communications jobs.

LinkedIn Profile
Second, update your LinkedIn profile. The more you apply for jobs the more prospective employers are going to examine your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that you populate your page with all of your relevant experience, education level, certifications you have and awards you have won. You can also ask former colleagues if they will write you an endorsement for one of your skills on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a powerful tool because a lot of recruiters will also source candidates directly from LinkedIn. You can also use LinkedIn to connect with people in your field. When used right, LinkedIn is another avenue for you to connect with people and find entry level jobs.

Lastly, consistently network. I know that this can be very time consuming but the more people you know the wider you cast your net out. The great thing about networking is it gives you a chance to show who you are. A recruiter might meet you at a networking event and get a totally different perspective of you rather than just looking at a resume you have submitted online. Although at the end of the day you may be very light on experience, if they are sold on your work ethic and professionalism, they may be more willing to take a chance on you.

In order to find impactful networking events, download the Meetup app and look up networking events near you. You can usually find both general networking events (intended for all fields) and very specific networking events (intended for very specific fields such as Human Resources, Finance, etc.). Eventbrite also has a lot of great networking events. You can also perform a Google search to find local networking events near you.

Additionally, you should be consistently attending career fairs and joining community and college organizations. This will continue to link you with people that can connect you to entry level jobs.

In conclusion, if you consistently partake in applying for entry level jobs online, updating your LinkedIn profile and networking, you will find that entry-level job you are looking for!

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