About Me

My name is Pat Fierro and I want to thank you for visiting my page. My purpose in life is to be a good leader so that I can help others reach their happiness. To that end, I have created this website to share knowledge, resources and practices that have helped me live my dream life!

Purpose of This Website

The purpose of this site to provide people career and fitness help. These are two topics that I am extremely passionate about. I also have years of experience in both fields and have resources that can help anyone that is looking to take the next step in the career or achieve a particular fitness goal.


The resources I provide on this website are the skills, resources, tools and tactics that I have used to continue to advance my Human Resources career and to achieve a level of fitness that makes me feel good. Anything that I recommend on this website is something that I have personally done myself. I will never recommend that you do something that I have not personally verified myself.


The truth is that while it will take hard work and consistent growth, the steps are simple. I thoroughly believe that you will achieve all of your career and fitness goals if you apply the tools and tactics that I discuss on this website. Thank you again for visiting my page and please take a look at my blog posts!